Gozno Story

Gonzo story 1

It was warm and quiet Saturday night, I was fast asleep when the dog pounced on my bed. He was up in my face barking loudly and trying to get me to wake up. I was telling him to go back to bed. He would not. Finally, I forced myself to open my eyes and wake up. That’s when I noticed there was a smell of smoke in the room.

I rushed to the door of the appartment to find out the whole staircase of the building was in fire and solid, black smoke. As it later turned out, the smoke alarm did not go off. If the dog didn’t wake me up I still would have been lying in my bed.
It didn’t take long for the flames to engulf the building, forcing me to flee the house. Soon afterwards the firebrigade arrived and put the fire out.

Woof woof!
I should explain here. I was the one who saved my hooman. That is true.
Except, that I am not a real dog. I am the one out of my hooman’s imagination. Yes, he created me after I saved his life in that fire. He named me Gonzo.

You always hear how your dog will save your life. And this dog just did it!